Alessandra Cifuentes Profile Thumb

Alessandra Cifuentes

1 day ago

I Fell like home away from Home. Cabana is a very nice place to live. Staff is very kind and My apartment is confortable. I recommend it to everyone.

Bradley Profile Thumb


2 days ago

I still haven’t receive my move in gift card, and my mattress still hasn’t been taken out of the apartment. But other than those two things it’s been good.

Daymao Profile Thumb


2 days ago

Its been a good experience. Nice place with lots of nice amenities and management and front office staff are very nice and helpful. Neighborhood is also friendly.

Madison Profile Thumb


2 days ago

For what you pay, this is a pretty decent place to stay in Gainesville. Units are affordable and clean. It can be noisy in certain parts of the complex at night, but that could happen anywhere. I've had the occasional roach but pest control has come whenever I requested, and maintenance is great.

Jon Profile Thumb


3 days ago

Yo se todavía lo que tú comiste en la verdad no te lo entiendo pero yo te quiero muchísimo y te quiero mucho también te quiero muchísimo y tú.

Carly Profile Thumb


3 days ago

It’s been great living here, it’s super close to everything. The only thing I would say is to add more speed bumps because there’s a lot of cars that just speed through

Maicky Profile Thumb


3 days ago

It's good value, but could always be better. Not much else to say really. I use the amenities quite a bit and they're fairly solid; not a lot of different machines but the basics are covered