Cabana Beach - Gainesville

1601 SW 51st Terrace Gainesville, FL 32607


Tanner D. Profile Thumb

Tanner D.

2 days ago

The apartment is nice but the people below me suck. Other the. That I have enjoy the location allot it’s right next to my job and school is only 20 minutes away

Mary R. Profile Thumb

Mary R.

3 days ago

I love living in Cabana. It is in a great location because is near to Walmart , or butler plaza, the bus stop and the mall. The neighborhood is so nice and it is a good price according and accurate with the place.

Pedro L. Profile Thumb

Pedro L.

4 days ago

It’s a pretty basic apartment complex, really nothing special, especially with the pool be messed up. It’s not that bad, kinda comes down to what roommates you have and how clean they are.

Kelsie P. Profile Thumb

Kelsie P.

4 days ago

Cabana Beach is a wonderful place to live if you're a college student or young adult. it's been great living here for almost 2 years. I would recommend

Estefania S. Profile Thumb

Estefania S.

5 days ago

So far it has been great! I enjoy the amenities that Cabana has as well as the people who live here. The staff are very helpful and the environment is great.

Naika D. Profile Thumb

Naika D.

12 days ago

So far it has been a good experience but I do I have problem with the fact when I moved in the room was dirty, and I was missing my shelfs. It has been two weeks and I have not receive my shelf. Like this is ridiculous.

Hi Naika, thank you so much for taking the time to write your review. We are deeply saddened to see that your move in experience has been anything but exceptional. If you can, could you email us at with your concerns and we will get with our maintenance supervisor and have this fixed immediately. Again, we are sorry for the experience so far. However, we look forward with helping. Thank you and have a great day!